Hans Baker’s X

Here is a video from our Good fiend Hans Throwin A Lucky 7 13ed!


The First Pic of the EPIC!…

Lucky 7s… The 13s

We had some of these at CA states and alot of people were asking about them so here are some pics. We made them to see what our Anno guy could do. They looked pretty cool so we decided to have 13 Lucky 7s of each color anoed , Acid Blue/Purple and Acid Red/Yellow. We really like the way they turned out. – - Rick

Lucky 7

We at the MadHouse are proud of our newest creation the Lucky 7.

Thanks to yotoy for the great pics!…

The UnKnown

The UnKnown?!?

Yo-yo MadHouse Yo-yo MadHouse Yo-yo MadCat yo-yo Yo-yo MadHouse

This is the special Edition of The UnKnown for the World yo-yo Contest. This one has a full face shot on one side.

Yo-yo MadHouse Yo-yo MadHosue Yo-yo MadCat Mad Mad yo yo yo

This is the picture by IV that the UnKnown's artwork is based upon. He then took it and reinterpreted it as line art so we could use it on the Yo-yo!

yoyonation Exclusive

Exclusive MadHouse 5150s at yoyonation!…

This was our first bead blasted yo-yos and they were only sold at yoyonation.

No Rules!

No Rules Giveaway!

We did a giveaway back in March 2009 with no rules we got quite a few interesting entries some that we probably should not reprint here… We were giving away a all Black 5150, stickers and some Miscellaneous stuff.

LOL But after all was said and done the winner was Xdohl with his “MadHouse Song” Gotto love creativity.

Here was another interesting picture sent in by popdada!


Got to love popdada!…

When we released the 5150 Popdada was having some fun with the MadHouse!

Dizzo was nice enough to add this diddy!…

hype hype hype
all day long,
hype hype hype
while I sing this song
gonna hype that yo,
gonna make it shine,
gonna clean off the bearing
with turpentine!

The MadHouse

The MadHouse is Coming!

“The MadHouse is Coming!” was our announcement as we introduced our first yo-yo the 5150 back in December of 2008. It had taken over 8 Months and a lot of foot work but we were very pleased with the results. MadHouse had arrived and was ready to roll.

Some of the aspects of the 5150we loved were the over all size being a little undersized and under weight made for a great fun feel. We also got a lot of positive feedback about the Grind ring and its over all feel. Most of the feedback was positive including most of the reviews .